Welcome to the student home page of the Literacy Volunteers of the Tarrytowns! Here you find the latest notices of interest and access to the LVT student newsletter and to learning resources. If you are a new student, be sure to read your LVT welcome letter and other information of interest.

If you are a resident of the community and interested learning English or improving your literacy skills, please fill out and submit the Student application form.

Stories for the Student News

PLEASE ... Send us your stories, poems, a favorite recipe - anything written you would like to share. We need material for our Student News. You can leave whatever you have in the LVT mailbox in the Warner Library. We look forward to printing your written contributions! Please include your name and address with your submissions. Thank You!

Read Jane Forstenzer's interview with LVT student Eva Gonzales and her tutor Judy Levine:   A Work in Progress: An Interview, by Jane Forstenzer   - April 16, 2007.

ESLOA test - Attention LVT Students!

Please make sure your tutor gives you the ESLOA test after approximately one year of tutoring to measure your progress in learning English.

Free Movies - NEW!

LVT students who submit stories for the Student News will receive two complementary tickets to a Tarrytown Music Hall movie.  Many thanks to the Tarrytown Music Hall for their generosity!