by Jane Forstenzer   - Tarrytown, Abril 16, 2007

A social worker in her native Peru, Eva Gonzales, a Westchester resident of 9 1/2 years, is now studying English with her LVT tutor, Judy Levine. Self-described as a housewife with five children at home, ranging in age from 12 to 31, Eva hopes to return to her profession after mastering enough English. For the last three years she has been babysitting for an American family of whom she has become a part. Occasionally, Eva conducts workshops in parenting to Spanish-speaking couples — a paid position.

Eva proudly became a U.S. citizen last year and a 2006 voter, with the help of Judy, who has been tutoring Eva for three years. Judy taught ESL full-time for six years. At present, she is self-employed as a consultant to pre-med students and at Sarah Lawrence College.

Judy’s motivation for teaching ESL comes from her “need to contribute to the world.” She says, “It’s like giving blood.” She sees this avocation as a need to pass on her knowledge and her birthright. Sessions with Eva once a week for an hour or more have concentrated on conversation based on everyday life experiences. Judy also tutors Eva in writing and spelling with emphasis on idioms. Easy English News serves as reading material.

Judy and Eva frequent restaurants together, and Eva has introduced Judy to a bakery specializing in Spanish pastries. Through LVT, Judy and Eva have become good friends.

(versión en español)